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Put a LockedOn 360° Mobile Gun Vise in Your Hunting Stand or Blind,
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  •  Improve your accuracy – instantly achieve better shot placement, from the very first shot!
  • Eliminate recoil – when properly mounted, LockedOn 360° kills the recoil from virtually any firearm, even high caliber.  No more bruised shoulders and ring around the eye!
  • Take longer shots – hit targets farther than you thought possible with LockedOn 360°’s rock solid stability and smooth, controlled motion.
  • Gain more confidence – take the fear out of shooting a high powered rifle
  • Include the family – make hunting a fun and safe experience for your whole family.  LockedOn 360° is great for hunters of any age, skill, or ability level.  Now, even children can experience the excitement of shooting heavier and higher caliber firearms.  8 year olds are shooting wild game with a 300 mag with the LockedOn 360°!
  • Take it anywhere – LockedOn 360° is designed to be mobile.  Attach the mount to virtually any hunting stand rail.  Put a mount in each of your stands and and take one LockedOn 360° Mobile Gun Vise with you!  It’s as quick and easy as pulling a pin!
  • Use it for a lifetime – LockedOn360° is built with precision from quality materials, so you’ll use it in the field for many years to come.
  • Document Your Hunt – Capture your hunt in full HD video!  Just attach your favorite action camera to the LockedOn 360° Mobile Gun Vise with the optional camera mount.
  • Bring home more game! – That’s really what it’s all about, right?  With the LockedOn 360°, you’ll put more meat in your freezer and food on your family’s table this season!

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Here’s What People Are Saying about LockedOn 360°

It’s great for sighting in your rifle…you’re not gonna take that big jerk. And the big thing I like about it is kids!  I have two little girls, and the biggest thing I want to make sure I don’t do is scare them. … And now, I can take a gun and put it in this vise, and we can go deer hunting together. So I can spend that quality time with my girls out in God’s great outdoors.

Jeff Danker

Co-Host, Buckventures

The Locked On 360 Mobile Gun Vise Kit provides an option for shooters to solidly mount and rest a firearm, and is easy to use, especially for beginners.

American Rifleman

…a steady, reliable rest that should help ensure accuracy from all types of stands….

American Hunter

Beautiful, beautiful setup. It takes out all the recoil and makes it a good, steady shot. …. I am a very, very happy camper!

Brad Frost

Co-Host, Accept the Challenge TV

Get Your LockedOn 360° Kit Today!

Tag more this season!  Start shooting farther, with greater accuracy and reduced recoil–Instantly!

For only $169

(reg. $199)