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LockedOn 360° Mobile GunVise is the BEST NEW Invention for 2015, allowing controlled movement for better shot placement. This precision mobile gun vise will allow a skilled, safer and easier introduction to the hunting sports for youth and the physically challenged while reducing recoil. The seasoned hunter will appreciate the stability and range of motion it offers for those challenging shots. LocekdOn 360 Mobile Gun Vice is the gun vice for seasoned shooters, youth and physically challengned shooters. Never miss the shot of a lifetime again.

“No More Excuses for Missing the Shot of a Lifetime”

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  • Universal clamping system attaches to the railing of hunting stands
  • Reduces recoil significantly when used properly
  • Allows children and physically challenged the ability to handle firearms with ease
  • Steadies that long shot for the experienced hunters
  • Helps take the fear out of shooting a high powered rifle
  • Increases confidence and accuracy in shooters of all ages
  • Rotates and adjusts on a smooth axis to allow skilled shooting as game is in motion
  • Precision made with quality materials to allow years of use in the field


Brad Frost Co - Host of “Accept The Challenged TV”

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Our Products

Product #1 is packaged in a corrugated box as one entire set. Kit includes: LockedOn 360° Mobile Gun Vise, Permanent Base and Post, Universal V Block. No assembly required for the vise. Some assembly is necessary for the mount onto wood railings in permanent stands, as needed. Additional materials included for railing attachment: Allen Wrench, Screw and Bolts.
Accessory is packaged as an individual permanent stand base and post. This is recommended for people with multiple, permanent stands to have the ability for placement in every stand to maximize the mobility of the LockedOn 360°.
Accessory is available as an addition to the permanent base and post as featured above. The block allows clamping to the round or square railing on ladder stands, tripods as well as other railing systems on hunting stands.

MSRP: $190.00 (Product #1: Full Kit)

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Locked On 360
Locked On 360

The Locked on 360 Story

  • LockedOn 360° introduces a precision machined patented mobile gun vise for use by hunters. With a unique attachment system and rotational post, the vise attaches to the vast majority of hunting stand railings.
  • Our simple yet unique rail mounting systems allows you to pull one pin from the rotational post and carry the entire vise to your next stand location. What this means is a single LockedOn 360° Mobile Gun Vise can serve in multiple stands.
  • When properly used, the innovative design reduces recoil significantly. No more ring around the eye, thus eliminating the fear of recoil.
  • To experience a LockedOn 360° Gun Vise is to feel the controlled vertical and horizontal motion needed to harvest game that is in motion.
  • The design allows children and physically challenged hunters and shooters the ability to handle heavier and larger caliber firearms.
  • All hunters and shooters, no matter the level of experience, will be amazed at the steady range of motion to allow accurate in-the-field shots for increased success.
  • Field testing enabled multiple children from ages 8 to 18 to accurately shoot and harvest wild game with a 300 mag and other large caliber firearms.
  • LockedOn 360° Mobile Gun Vise is a sponsor for the “Accept the Challenge” TV show in Q3 and Q4 2015. Please watch Fox Sports South this fall for our sponsor advertisements along with a filmed hunting segment utilizing the LockedOn 360° Mobile Gun Vise. The hunts were filmed fall 2014 on Georgia deer management hunts.

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"No More Excuses

for missing the Shot of a Lifetime"

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